Sunday, January 2, 2022

 World War 3 Prophecy
Timing Signs

God given signs that tell us when World War 3 is about to begin

By Bill Weather

    No one can properly assess when WW3 is about to begin without the utmost consideration of when Christ is coming and the overwhelming evidence the Holy Spirit has been giving of when Christ is coming, which points to 2028. If you are not familiar with those many confirmations of 2028 , you can visit to at least get yourself in the range of what’s actually going on in the timeline of prophecy. Until you can come to some kind of serious consideration of the evidence with that, then you’ll never consider this evidence either. I also have an incredibly backed evidence blog on 2028 at . I have 20 evidences on that one! With those evidences and the many supernatural signs given at, there should not be much room for doubt, once you give yourself ample time to process and discern it.

    I also want to point out the fact that I’ve not heard a prophet in this land foretell the 2020 Covid crash coming, but God gave me several dreams of it in 2018 at, time stamped postings of it in 2018, and even a dream of its exact day in 2018 at I don’t know why Christians are relying on those without a track record of major event prophecy foretold, or supernatural signs backing, but if you Christian brother or sister can come to your senses and have some critical thinking skills in your assessment, I pray it for you.

    Another problem is, Christians are pre programmed thru big Christian media of thinking they need to see certain prophecy come to pass before WW3 and the coming of the Lord. Such assessment is the mere conjuring of select bible verses. What we have, unlike those not anointed, is the anointing of God giving it to us and proving it in supernatural signs. All you’ll hear from big Christian media prophecy teachers is scripture stretched from a 1970s view. God has revealed much much more over these last several years in end time prophecy, with no lack of timing signs.

For the words are shut up and sealed TILL THE TIME OF THE END…. But the wise shall understand...  Daniel 12:9,10

This means prophecy will be revealed much more in “THE TIME OF THE END”, which is NOW.

    Now that I hopefully, can get you into the ball park of this line of prophecy schooling, with the knowing that we only have till 2028, that only leaves close to 6.5 years left from here in January 2022 … and there is no such thing in Bible prophecy as a 7 year tribulation. The futurists have take a measly 1 bible verse and have conjured a 7 year tribulation from that, in Daniel 9:25, which was never interpreted as such, until the 1800s. However, we are looking at a 3.5 year tribulation soon and this evidence supports that.

    There is much of God backing supernaturally, the coming of WW3 here at WW3 links. That is the foundation and some of the strongest, supernaturally backed evidence for the WW3 scenario coming, with the US vs Russia, China and others. There is nothing, no other scenario concerning WW3, even coming close to the strength of this evidence, in supernaturally given signs and confirmations from Heaven and believe me. I’ve been in this for 34 years now and have heard every kind of bible prophecy scenario. God is backing this, not those who contradict, no matter how much big ministry money promotions they have that say otherwise.

    Here now, are my signs of what God has been showing me concerning the timeline for when WW3 is about to hit, which starts in either 2024 or 2025, but most likely, in 2025.

    There are much more details to this, but this here is a highly condensed layout of the evidence. 

Sign 1 

The first sign I was given is in this picture here, of gas I pumped a few years ago May 31, 2018, with the pump automatically shutting off at $55.22. 

The interpretation to the numbers is this. 55+22= 77, the number 7 being the number of fullness/completion/ severing. 21, as in the 21.248 gallons pumped, is 7+7+7= 21, also a fullness. The .248 is how old the US will be when she comes to her fullness/completion/severing. That’s how much gas she has had to run on. She will be 248 years old. From the birth of the US in 1776 to 2024 is 248 years. 2024 will either be the year WW3 starts or more so, the last full year for the US before WW3 in 2025.

    Our next WW3 timeline sign is from the dream I called “The Red Horses”, which showed me that 2018 and 2019 would be slightly economic bullish years, followed by an “Aunt K” shaped economic crash, then with WW3 timing indicators in the age of the kids in the dream, in which their age was an emphasis in the dream. I was 18 years old in the dream, which stood for 2018. That's our starting point. The red haired girl in the dream was 12 years old in 2018. She will reach 18 years old in 2024, meaning fullness to 2024, of adulthood, the legal age here being 18. The red haired cousin in the dream was running after a red horse that had the word Jericho stamped on it.

    The word Jericho is that bible story of how the Israelites marched around Jericho for 6 days and on the 7th it fell. Days for years in bible prophecy, the 6th year being 2024 and the 7th  being 2025, when she falls.

    The other Jericho that was at the forefront of my mind at the time was of that TV series called Jericho, the story of how a small rural community was dealing with a nuclear holocaust. Both Jerichos apply. WW3 will be a nuclear holocaust and based on indicators in the dream, watching for 2025.

    There were 2 small boys in the dream. Their age was more a mystery, but I think I figured it out. Their age was hovering in my mind back and forth, from 6 years old to 10 years old and both these numbers point to 2024, like the red haired girl. 2 boys age 6 in 6 years will be 12 years old. 2 – 12 year olds = 24 for 2024. As they were also 10 years old, in 6 years, in 2024, they will be 16 years old, the legal age of fullness, end of childhood in most other countries. So too, the end for the US. That's our 2nd sign of compiling evidence, this Red Horses dream.


The Prophetic Schooling Dream 6/25/21

    In this dream, I meet up with 2 boys who were in between my old Jr high and High schools, which were down the street from one another in Philadelphia. I tell the kids there's not enough time to graduate high school because of WW3 coming. That presents a timeline because high school in my day was 3 years, 10th-12th grade. Today it is 4 years, 9th to 12th grade. The kids were not at the Jr High, but not at the high school either. They were in between.
    The dream indicated school was out, it was summer and they were entering into high school after summer vacation was over, as also it is, in the date of this dream. That means, WW3 will come before they graduate 4 years later. So by this, WW3 comes before June 2025, when they would have graduated, but won’t because WW3 will disrupt everything.

Sign 4

77,000 Miles

On July 29, 2021, it was a hot day in Asheville NC where I was stationed for a season, so I decided I would head up to Mount Mitchell to keep cool for a day trip. Low and behold, when I reached the very top of the mountain, this was the pic I snapped of my odometer that just turned 77,000…. at the very top where I parked, the 7s, in 77,000 representing again, fullness/completion/severing. It was also 70 degrees, another fullness number. 

Then the Lord hit me with it, to look at the time. He was telling me, just as you could go no further at the top of the Mountain, so too, the US will go no further….. than 12:34??> interpreted as 1,2,3,4 years left?. Now, the reason I threw in the question marks is, when I hit 77,000, the time 1st read 12:33, then it turned to 12:34, so I think from July 29, 2021, its less than 4 years because of the 1st time of 12:33, so on watch for 2025 again.  

Sign 5

The Biometric Countdown 9/14/21

I dreamt I was seeing a mass manufacturing of a biometric ID battery pack. It had 4 cells, shaped like 4 double A batteries that people were going to be required to wear. 2 of the cells were batteries to power it. One cell carried everything of one's id, the 4th and last cell was a mystery. Then it moved to 3 cells, then down to 2 cells of the manufacturing. EOD.

Here we have another countdown involving 4,3,2, same similar numbering as the other signs (4,3,2 representing 2024, 2023, 2022). In the dream it was a countdown from 4 to 3 to 2, meaning 4,3,2 years left, but the last cell was a mystery, indicating not a full year. It did not countdown to 1, so only 3/3.5+ years left in the countdown, not a full 4 years. So we are looking at close to 3.5 years left, from when this dream was given? That would take us to Spring 2025 and that is the time I want to talk about as the possible start of WW3 in sign 6.

Sign 6 

 Evangelist Alfred Karunakarun Dream 2028

In this amazing dream of the Lord coming in 2028, brother Karunakarun dreamt, is also a countdown too. In his dream, he saw what was like a countdown of years to the coming of the Lord. He saw the years flashing as like on a digital clock, from 21, 22, 23, 24…. then the clock stopped, the sky turned dark and gloomy then he saw torn down high tension wires. Then the number 28 appeared and he heard celestial angelic voices say “Jesus is coming” 3 times. This matches with the many other confirmations at Much more depth, detail and understanding is there.

The focus here is how the clock stopped at 2024. The year 2024 ticked off like the other years, but then darkness and gloom. That would be 2025. By this dream, the years of darkness, WW3 and its aftermath, with the global reset, would be from Spring 2025 to Fall of 2028, when the Lord comes, a 3.5 year tribulation, which we find in several places in the book of revelation, as 1260 days/42 months/3.5 days.

I do not believe in a pre trib rapture, but if that were true, we would be raptured spring 2025.

By these indicators and clues given from above, we have something to rest our hat on and to watch with all seriousness to prepare for WW3 coming.

Presently, January 2nd, 2022 as I type, these are 6 supernaturally given indicators of when WW3 is coming. Thats some very strong evidence to lean on. Sign up for the monthly E-letter here, because I believe God will give more on this, since these are 6 I know of and I know God operates in 7s, so perhaps we will get more revelation given from above.

In fact we may find more than 7 indicators/confirmations out there and yet to 
come in, because God has given 17 confirmations of the California mega quake and God has given Brother Gabriel Ansley at, a whopping 21 confirmations of 2028 being the year of judgment and the return of the Lord. 

So sign up here, to stay in the know, to be stirred unto preparing for all God would have us to do, to help one another thru these very dramatic and difficult times coming.

In Christ, Weather, ,